“A goal without a (business) plan is just a wish.”

Antoine Saint Exupery & MOOKA


Meanwhile the content of the business plan was the work of all founders of MOOKA Mobile Experience, it was my task to conceptualize, design, production & coordinate the print of the business plan.

Concept & Idea

Based on the companies values (transparency & innovation), the idea was to show at first sight the amount of solutions MOOKA was able to offer and the “blue ocean” of services it could offer to its stakeholders.

On the inside, a simple layout with bright and friendly colors underlined the modernity of the brand. Easy to understand. Agile to move with.

Technical specifications

Case/ Laser-cut carton
Pages/  214 pages
Language/ Spanish
Copies/ 50
Print/ 4C digital
Software used/ Adobe InDesign/Illustrator/Photoshop


The business plan was handed out to investors, strategic partner companies & stakeholders in the company.