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MOOKA claim

Most innovative Business
Executive MBA 2013
EOI Business School Madrid

Spain Startup Summit 2013

#CICD Startup Competition 2013
San Sebastián

Premio al emprendedor universitario
Universidad de Cantabria Santander

A mobile operator as easy as ordering ice cream

The idea

MOOKA.me is the first 100% cloud-based, Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that allows small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to optimize their businesses through personalized, self-organized, intuitive and fun to use telecommunication services. MOOKA’s aim is to offer a service that is as easy to use and personalized like ordering your favorite ice cream! The strategy is to position MOOKA as the first 100% cloud-based telecommunications operator for a generation that lives and works between Gmail, Dropbox, Skype and Spotify.

My Role

Co-Founder, Head of Marketing & UI

Creating and MVNO is not easy and in this phase every team member needs to work and think in a multidisciplinary way. From business strategy, marketing, product design, finances and public relations, I’m the leader of the design (User Interface Design, User Experience) participating in presenting the business & marketing model to both Business Angels and Venture Capitalists as well as innovation-driven companies that believe that things can be made differently.



the 4th wave of mobile communication


For a mobile world, a world of Apps

Through our Dashboard My MOOKA, our clients gain access to a wide range of services (we call them MOOKA Apps), which he or she can choose based on their needs. Do you have to send a fax but don’t have a fax machine? Or do you have to set up a conference with a dozen of providers abroad? Or maybe you need to ensure data roaming connectivity for your team during the next two weeks? There’s an App for that!

We are a Factory of Apps

MOOKA defines itself as a Factory of Apps. Apps that add value to what voice and data is used and know for until now. We can develop as many apps and services as our clients demand. Thanks to our R&D Team and our business intelligence, our clients will always find an app that adapts to their needs. If they won’t, we’ll create the app for them. This makes MOOKA unique in the market.

and you will know a new Mobile Experience