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My Role

Founder, Editor & Designer

The creation of stuff is based on my activity in sharing knowledge in order to foster innovation. Secondly, ma aim was to develop a format that was visually appealing and at the same time not time consuming when reading it.

My current task is the curation of the weekly contents with special topics, selection of guest writers and development of personalized issues for corporations and agencies.

The idea

Everything is a remix. We’ve heard that before and it’s still true. All our knowledge comes from redesigning, restructuring, rebuilding the known. ▅▅ stuff fosters remixes.

Based on my passion in teaching people about new technology, innovation and trends I understood that for many it’s not easy to dig out and access information relevant for their daily work in their studios, agencies or multinational corporations to develop and “remix” contents into ideas to create innovative products that help them making their and their client’s business grow.

“No need to read”

▅▅ stuff has been designed as a weekly newsletter about innovation trends around business, technology and design aimed for curious people on the go. Usually people that don’t have a lot of time and are looking for something that is easy to access and different when being notified about what’s trending. My goal was to design a newsletter that basically didn’t contain any text, so that people’s attention would be captured by images. Both content & design are aligned to this insight.

What sort of stuff do I curate?

Each issue covers the 5 most relevant, curious and important topics of the week around Business (Strategy, Innovation, StartUps, Business Models, Lean,…), Technology (Programming, Robotics, Hardware, Trends, Neuroscience,…), Design (Art, WebDesign, User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX), Media theory,…) and Innovation (Design thinking, Creative Problem Solving (CPS),…).


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