[swahili, n. Inspiration]

An tool I created for McCANN WORLDGROUP to organize and nurture innovation knowledge within all companies and teams to drive new business for existing and new clients.

SUKUMO is the name given for the internal knowledge base, being the source of contents in the field of innovation, trends & technology. It became the employee’s first point of access when looking for answers to the question: “What’s the latest and most disruptive project, innovative technology, media/customer/market study, …?”

The contents were curated by a small group of members of the McCANN INNOVATION CENTER to ensure content quality and relevance for McCANN clients, projects and objectives.

In relation to the McCANN WORLDGROUP Corporate Design I developed the logotype, claim, color-coding, graphical elements and the complete technical implementation of the blog, global corporate user-login, newsletter platform and derived products, such as the UMBAJI Workshops.

The platform helped to build documents like the BBVA Innovation reports, weekly Innovation email Newsletters called “SUKUMO Snacks” and UMBAJI [meaning: Creation] workshops.

“Understanding Tomorrow Today”

Additional projects that were developed within SUKUMO as “umbrella” platform and initiative inherited the main logo’s colors as their own corporate identity.