During my one-year scholarship at FABRICA/Italy I was mostly involved in developing a video network with SONY/Milan. I was the creative and technical liason between SONY and FABRICA to develop and optimize this innovative video display network.

My Role

My main task & role was to create an identity for the “TV-channel” owned by Benetton that primarily promotes the United People Video messaging system but also serves to make customers aware of new products and campaigns while being inside the store.

Each Video server will be installed in a Benetton Megastore with a plasma screen and the United People video messaging system. Remotely, each screen can be completely controlled from FABRICA or any other computer, which has the software installed. Changing contents and playlists can be done in real-time.

While working on this project I attended meetings inside FABRICA with the Benetton CEO and went to meetings with developers, marketing and sales persons at SONY/Milan.

Finally, I installed and tested successfully the first video server in the Benetton Megastore in Rome.