The Blue Ocean strategy is nice, but we think our galaxy is bigger, offering even more space for new ideas and business models. 10, 9, 8, 7… 


is a consultancy founded by Martin & his partner Miguel Ángel Cervera, focusing on turning current teams of employees in both corporations and Small&Medium Businesses, students or professors in courageous explorers of new services, new experiences and business models.

Our Mission

If our client’s mission is to innovate, our mission is to help you get there by applying lots of creativity and innovative methodologies, also known as Design Thinking. Our work and our workshops are designed to “talk less and do more”: 100% hands-on and experiential. (Emotions are the best way to memorize new knowledge in the long term.)

What we believe

We do not consider ourselves as a traditional consultancy. We are a team of “astronauts” who strongly believe that design, new technologies and a huge amount of creativity are the best tools to compete in today’s markets conquering new business territories.

Current Clients and Institutions we have worked with…