“Sensitive Spaces”

A workshop at FABRICA held by Boutique Vizique/Netherlands and Amy Franceschini/Futurefarmers.

The workshop’s aim was to create a sensitive space, making reference to a common architectural feature of the building of FABRICA (designed by the architect Tadao Ando) by using video and computer technologies.

In a team of three people, we turned the characteristic concrete holes in the walls into a simple, experimental, spatial interface based on known interactive elements (like buttons).

The user set off projected visual animations and sounds that surrounded the holes by moving within the camera view and interfering with specific pre-defined positions within the vision of the camera. The animations (ripples) and sound (pebbles dropping into water) are based on the pools outside FABRICA.


Technologies and software used:

Max/Jitter, iSight webcam, OpenGL 3D Rendering, Sound