There are two ways to share knowledge:

1/ you can push information out or 2/ you can pull them in with story.

A place for curious people

The STARTUP ASTRONAUTS* Experience  is a series of workshops designed to train every curious person on the planet for the most important mission in their life: to launch and run their own business or innovate at their current work place.
The workshop’s methodology is to be 100% practical and emotional, making the participant feel and learn all the skills in first person, just like an astronaut does for his mission. All knowledge and skills learnt during the workshop will be applicable from the first day and will push both motivation and adrenaline to keep going and not to render.

100% hands-on, 100% emotional

Using the Astronaut metaphor as the narrative thread throughout the workshop, will help each participant astronaut to memorize new learnings and skills through emotions much longer than any traditional methodology allows to.

In addition, all participants will automatically be part of the STARTUP ASTRONAUTS* Network , where the idea sharing, connection building and mission planning will continue and new ideas to discover unknown galaxies will be developed.

No astronaut can go on a mission without the original STARTUP ASTRONAUT* Kit

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The Story behind SA*

Being a startup project as well, STARTUP ASTRONAUTS* was entirely conceptualized, designed, planned and executed by Miguel Ángel Cervera and myself using Lean and agile Startup tools to test our hypothesis, change and model our business idea for the right customers and to find our unique selling proposition through the emotional storytelling.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

SA* Crew

And you? Are you ready to go on a mission?

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