We are connected because we are the network.

How do we need to build brands in a technology-domated world where sensors will open up a completely new way of designing, buying and consuming media?

The video I made for ▅▅ stuff is a first thought on a new epoch that requires a new understanding and new strategies whenever we are talking about building relationships between brands and consumers through technology. Every medium is connected with every other in the system and engrained with every of our actions at any time.

We won’t create content anymore but build worlds through algorithms. Fully immersive, 100% personalized and unique due to systems we use that will know us better the we’ll know ourselves.


The video was created for:
▅▅ stuff – Business, Innovation, Design & Technology Trends

Martin Redigolo 

Extrawelt “Dumb Age – Shwing Shift Edit”




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