Technology is fascinating.

Technology allows us to create, consume, optimize and innovate. Technology today is omnipresent. We breathe it. We create a network with it. We’ve reached the point where we should stop talking about the Internet of Things and rather talk about The Internet of Humans and Things. Humans and technology have merged. They have created a rhizoma through which information flows and communications expands. Communications that are dialogues, commercial messages, branded claims, advertisements or stories having their origin in 735 different points. Points that are nodes connected with every other node at the same time.

In a momento when all of these nodes are at the user’s disposal to search, receive or consume information and both brands and agencies can use them to start a conversation or story, storytelling really has become transmedia and one has to understand it as a continuous stream. A stream of information that requires more and more technical knowledge of all individual and connected elements but above all, a user-centric vision of the user who’ll be the one reacting to our message based on his values, environment, culture, mindset or unique momento and location. Because all messages sent by us as brands, graphics designers, storytellers or programmers through this tecno-human network will generate an effect and we will be the responsibles of all consequences.

Read the full article in Spanish here. It was published in May ’14 as part of the 7th issue of adComunica. Scientific Magazine about Strategy, Trends and Innovation in Communication

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